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“Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself.” 
-Bhagavad Gita

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new year, old you?


it's about that time when we stop greeting people with "Happy New Year" and the initial intensity of our well intentioned resolutions may begin to fade. before you continue pursuing your self made promises, you may want to consider if the promise you made was one worth making in the first place. personally, i'm over the superficial "I will lose 8 pounds" or equally annoying, "I will lift my weight in dead lifts". i don't know if that's even possible, but you understand what i'm laying down. the point is, in order for us to be truly motivated to see our promises to fulfillment, they must have dire consequences if not achieved. apply the following three statements to your resolution and see if it stands up : I CAN - I WILL - I MUST. let's use the lose 8 pounds example, just because it's easy. I CAN LOSE 8 pounds. okay that seems right. I WILL LOSE 8 pounds. believing you can succeed and affirming it in the future tense are excellent ways to change your mind set. now try this last one. I MUST LOSE 8 pounds. MUST you? what is the cost if you don't? what do you stand to lose?  in order for you to overcome the obstacles that will deter you from your goal - and believe me, you will hit them and the bigger the goal, the more obstacles will be placed in your path - the consequence of failing must be devastating. the yogic wisdom tells us that our intentions must be in congruence with a greater purpose - or dharma - for us to cultivate the strength and stamina necessary to achieve all we set out to accomplish. if you listen to my audio interview in the clip above, you may hear in my voice that the pain of not changing how i thought and acted, mostly toward myself, was too great. i was blessed to be placed on a path of deep healing and self nurturance and i continue down that road in 2015. if you are interested in how you can begin to uncover your purpose and true heart's desires, and how to actively begin to see those desires come to fruition, check out my dear friend, Tracee Stanley's retreat at the beautiful Esalen center in California. this will be a transformative life experience. if you are ready to dive deep and truly heed the call of your soul, this is the workshop to do this year. i'll be assisting Tracee and would love to help you on your journey to true radiant health and happiness - the kind that only comes from the inside out.  i hope you will turn to livWhole to help support you in your goals in 2015 and beyond so you thrive and prosper!

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